Speeding camera statistics have illustrated an increase in road traffic violations.

Violations to the rules, laws and regulations of the road are magnifying, as many car drivers and drivers of other motor vehicles do not possess a good knowledge base of South Africa’s National Road Traffic Regulations. Or they have just forgotten what they learned when studying their Learner’s License K53 Test.

CarZar brings you the 10 of the most common traffic violations, in South Africa.

1. Driving over a stop sign: Not stopping when supposed to can get you a traffic ticket.

2. Speeding: Driving over the speed limit can make you unaware of quick traffic light changes; causing an accident.

3. Close following distance: Tailgating can get you a ticket fine. Furthermore, if the driver decides to stop instantly, you will most likely bump into their rear.

4. Intoxication: Drinking and driving is harmful to your safety, as well as dangerous to the safety of other drivers and pedestrians.

5. Illegal lane change: Not using your indicator and allowing enough space, when trying to make a safe lane change, can cause the other driver to crash into you.

6. Driving up a one-way: This is a traffic fined consequence. An accident could also result.

7. Driving recklessly: Being distracted on the road can result in a loss of focus; leading to swerving uncontrollably.

8. Ignoring railroad signs: This usually goes in two ways – either you make it across and get a traffic fine, or you do not make it.

9. Passing over a solid line: The general rule is that you may not pass over a solid line. Doing so will therefore result in an accident, as other drivers may not expect to have a car pass into their line while in a ‘no passing’ zone.

10. Not yielding at pedestrian crossings: Not stopping for pedestrians is dangerous and potentially deadly. It is also illegal not to stop at a pedestrian crossing.

Reduce road safety risks and avoid receiving a traffic fine. Learn your K53 road rules and practice legal driving habits.

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The above information is simply a guide and does not change any laws, rules and regulations, as stipulated in the South African National Road Traffic Act or National Road Traffic Regulations.