Why​ ​Should​ ​I​ ​get​ ​Car​ ​Insurance?

Why​ ​Should​ ​I​ ​get​ ​Car​ ​Insurance?

February 20, 2020
Posted by: Estefan

Have you considered shopping around for cheaper insurance or even getting insurance? You may have noticed that most car insurance premiums come along with unnecessary coverage, which you’ll probably never use. This questions many asset-owners’ consideration to get insurance.

How about SelfAssure your vehicle insurance with a plan which only includes what you want?

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Insurance often gets thrown under the rug. Let’s take car insurance for example:

South African statistics show that 65% of motorists are uninsured, simply, because they cannot afford it. It’s clear that South Africa’s current gloomy economic market have left car owners feeling a tight pinch in the insurance sector. Let’s face it, why pay for something you may or may not use, right?

But, what are the chances of getting caught up in a smash-and-grab, dead engine or tragic collision? Consider the benefits of having car insurance.

Car Theft and Accident Insurance

For decades, road safety has been a great cause of concern and major challenge in South Africa – despite many efforts to promote road safety awareness. The South African National Roads Agency Limited (SANRAL) has constantly stressed that accident statistics remain “unacceptably high”, not only for drivers but for pedestrians too:

  1. Road and environmental factors alone account for 17% of accidents.
  2. Nearly 80% of collisions are due to speeding and reckless behaviour.
  3. The rest is a result of unroadworthy vehicles; which essentially means that these unroadworthy vehicles lack car insurance.
  4. Car theft stats have also witnessed a 14.5% increase since 2016.

Our advice: get covered by car theft and accident insurance, as you never know when you may become a carjacking or road accident statistic.  

Take charge of your own car insurance affairs and do it yourself!

Shopping around for the perfect car insurance package has become a cliche’. What’s better than having the self-assurance of a no-nonsense, no strings attached insurance, tailor-made for your road theft, accident and breakdown risks?

If you’re looking for a DIY car insurance plan, you won’t get it anywhere else other than with SelfAssure. Discover SelfAssure’s comprehensive and third-party car insurance benefits, and insure only what you want, when you want.

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